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How to develop quality software for your product? Are you working with a real-time system? Should you go for a bare-metal solution, use an RTOS or develop a system with embedded Linux?

How should be your the architecture of your firmware/software? Need connectivity? What protocols and programming languages ​​to use? And libraries? Graphical interface? Should you use open-source software?

How to select the best tools? And how to develop faster and eliminate bugs before shipping the product to the market?

Our goal is to help you answer these and many other questions, providing you with the necessary tools, techniques and know-how to develop innovative solutions.

We have already helped public and private institutions in the development of solutions for several sectors of the industry, including commercial automation, health, telecommunication, military and aerospace, energy, consumer and entertainment, agriculture, security, industrial, banking, transportation, etc.

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  • Consultancy
    • Definition of requirements and technical specifications of the product.
    • Operating system selection (Linux, Android, RTOS, etc).
    • Designing the software architecture of the system.
    • Selection and integration of software packages and open source components.
    • Selection and configuration of development tools.
    • Code review and software quality assurance.
    • Compliance with open source licenses.
    • Software security assurance.
  • Development
    • Firmware development (C, C++ and Assembly).
    • Design with real-time operating systems (RTOS).
    • Device drivers development for ARM, PPC, MIPS and x86.
    • Port applications and operating systems to different platforms and architectures.
    • Development and customization of embedded Linux distributions.
    • Application development for embedded Linux systems.
    • Development of device drivers for the Linux kernel.
    • BSP (Board Support Package) development.
    • Configuration of development environments (toolchain, buildsystem, IDE) for embedded Linux projects.
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