How to develop embedded software with a high level of quality? Are you working with real-time requirements? Should you go for a bare-metal solution, use a real-time operating system or develop a system with embedded Linux?

What should your project’s software architecture look like? Do you need connectivity? What protocols and programming languages to use? And libraries? Graphical interfaces? Should you use open-source software?

What are your project’s security requirements? Do you need help to identify potential vulnerabilities in your product?

How to select the best tools? And how to develop faster and eliminate bugs before getting the product into the market?

Embedded Labworks’ goal is to help you answer these and many other questions, and provide you with the tools for developing high-quality software for embedded systems.

We have already assisted over a hundred public and private institutions in developing solutions for the most diverse industry sectors, including commercial automation, health, telecommunications, military and aerospace, energy, consumer and entertainment, agriculture, security, industrial, banking, transportation, etc.


  • Definition of product requirements and technical specifications.
  • Definition of the project’s software architecture.
  • Selection of the operating system (Linux, Android, RTOS, etc.).
  • Selection and integration of open-source packages and libraries.
  • Selection and configuration of development tools.
  • Code review and software quality assurance.
  • Compliance with open-source licenses.
  • Software security assurance and pen-testing of electronic products.
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  • Firmware development (C, C++ and Assembly).
  • Software development with real-time operating systems (FreeRTOS, Zephyr, etc.).
  • Device drivers development for ARM, PPC, MIPS and x86.
  • Port of applications and operating systems to different platforms and architectures.
  • Development and customization of Linux distributions (Buildroot, Yocto Project).
  • Device drivers development for the Linux kernel.
  • BSP (Board Support Package) development for different hardware platforms.
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Customers testimonials

Testimonials from companies and students who have already attended an Embedded Labworks training session

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Samsung is a company leader in the market of high technology and digital media

“One of the best training courses I have ever attended. The instructor has total control of the training agenda and excellent teaching skills”

Adriano Saviolli, Samsung

LG Electronics is a South Korean multinational company and one of the largest electronics companies in Brazil

“I am used to being very critical and it’s been some time since I don’t evaluate a training course with high scores in all aspects. Congratulations on the training!”

Vitor de Paula, LG Electronics

AOC International is the brand of TPV Technology Limited, a manufacturer of LCD and LED displays for computers and televisions

“Unique training and no doubt much more valuable than many university degrees we have today on the subject”

Lucas Tadeu Portela, AOC International

CTEx is a Brazilian military organization subordinate to the science and technology department of the Brazilian government

“The Embedded Labworks training fully met all objectives, as well as being motivating for us to continue learning embedded Linux. I recommend it!”

José Antonio de Sousa Fernandes, CTEx

Inatel is a center of excellence in teaching and research in telecommunications engineering

High-quality training, very helpful and with a highly structured agenda"

Luis Gustavo, Inatel

Intelbrás is a 100% Brazilian company that operates in the areas of security, telecom and networking, being a leader in several market segments

“An excellent professional applying a very good practical training session with a rich study material. Thanks!”

Paulo Morgado, Intelbrás

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